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St. Patrick, by virtue of his purported use of the shamrock to explain the Mystery of the Holy Trinity, has almost come to be synonymous with the Trinity.  Another legacy of the saint:  St. Patrick's Breastplate, an "Old Irish" lorica" which St. Patrick is credited with having composed.  Lorica is translated as shield or breastplate.      This long prayer has also been called the Deer's Cry.  The reason:  there is a collection of hymns...
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Welcome to the unltd.com blog dedicated to Teen Fashions. We hope that you will come to consider this as your own special community ... where you can come to "talk and share" all things relevant to Teen Fashions! Look for more chat in the days, months, and years ahead. We invite you to join the conversation! And make the unltd.com network ... including those unltd.com sites yet to be … your online "home away from...
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